Answers to your questions.

  • What are the benefits of gymnastics?
    Gymnastics can help improve both mental and physical well being. Mentally gymnastics is great for building confidence, strength of mind, courage, patience and self discipline. Physically gymnastics does the lot! Muscle strength, flexibility, power, co-ordination, endurance, aerobic capacity and gross motor development.

  • Which class should I choose?
    There are all types of classes for all ages and abilities. The type of class will depend on whether you want to try for fun or develop skills for a competitive program and will also depend upon the age of the participants. See our classes for more details. Please note: as diverse as we are, we cannot offer all classes on all days just yet!

  • How do I enrol?
    Call us on (08) 6364 0334 to discuss, or email: egymnastics@iinet.net.au

  • What age can you start gymnastics?
    Our Kindy class is open to children from 1 year of age.

  • Can anyone do gymnastics?
    Gymnastics is not just for the Elite few hoping to get to the Olympics. Gymnastics is fun and our programs are designed to suit anyone.

  • What is the fee structure?
    All participants in Spirit Gym Sports activities pay a Club membership fee and a class fee.

    Class fees are paid by the term. Fees are due within the first 2 weeks of term. A late fee of $10.00 may be incurred if fees are late. Failure to pay class fees or other outstanding invoices may result in the cancellation of the place in the class and losing the right to enter competitive events or other activities.

    Membership fees are paid either by the term or annually. For information on class fees please contact (08) 6364 0334. A copy of our financial policy is included in the Club Handbook and available on request.

How can I pay?
We have a variety of way to pay fees:

  • - Cash
    - Cheque (please make payable to "Spirit Gym Sports")
    - Direct Debit
    - Credit Card (2% surcharge)

    Please call (08) 6364 0334 or email:  egymnastics@iinet.net.au for more information.

What are the benefits to being a Spirit Gymsports Club member?
All participants in our classes must become members of Spirit Gym Sports. There are a number of membership types (term, annual, competitive, non-competitive and under fives). Membership to Spirit Gymsports means you are also a member of Gymnastics WA and Gymnastics Australia as Spirit Gym Sports is affiliated with these organisations. Benefits include:

Club 10 - quality and safety standards

  • Learning new skills in a safe environment through State and Nationally recognised programs.
  • Sports injury insurance
  • Benefits card
  • Kindy crew pack
  • Quality coach and judge education
  • Ability to represent Spirit, Western Australia and Australia at competitive and participant events.

Club 10 is Gymnastics Australia's quality assurance and risk management program for clubs. It is designed assist club's identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies. Club 10 aims to provide resources and services to assist clubs develop strategies to minimise foreseeable risks. Within Club 10, clubs conduct an internal "self-assessment" via a gymnastics-specific checklist. This checklist requires clubs to compare their current management practices against National Standards and Benchmarks covering emergency procedures, safety, member protection policies, first aid and coach accreditation. 

  • Spirit Gym Sports has a Star 4 accreditation with the Club 10 scheme which, means the club has implemented their documented policies, procedures and practices that comply with the National Star 4 Benchmarks.

  • Are your coaches accredited?
    All of our coaches either possess a Gymnastics Australia coaching accreditation or are in one of the recognized training schemes offered by Gymnastics Australia and the Department of Sport & Recreation. All of our Head coaches have a vast level of experience and knowledge of their disciplines of State, National and International levels.

  • What is the best class for a beginner?
    Recreational classes are mainly based on age rather than ability; however the lesson plans have room to accommodate a range of abilities within a class which allows children to work at their own pace. Spirit coaches make every effort to ensure that everyone is placed in the appropriate class and are moved up when necessary and a place in that class is available.

  • What are the options for competition?
    Gymnastics WA and Gymnastics Australia offer a range of competitive levels for gymnasts based on the number of hours a week they train, their age, ability and the level the gymnasts can attain (State Champs, National Champs, Olympic / World Champs). Spirit offers most but not all levels of competitive gymnastics. We do not currently offer the Elite program for boys, girls or rhythmic over the age of 8 years. Gymnasts that we believe have the potential for these programs we refer to the relevant High Performance Centres.

  • What to wear?
    Each gymsport has its own training and competitive uniform requirements. In general we encourage all girls to wear a leotard and all boys to wear either a boys leotard and shorts or a singlet and shorts. More details of leotards are shown below.

    Activity Tracksuit Training uniform Competition uniform
    Men’s Purple jacket
    Black pants
    Black V leotard
    Black shorts
    Black leotard
    Black shorts / White longs
    Women’s Purple jacket
    Black pants
    Sleeveless green, white and purple leo or any leotard, crop top or bike pants L1-6 long sleeved
    L7-10 / WAIS black velvet leotard
    Aerobics Spirit tracksuit Any aerobic clothing
    Individually designed leotard
    Acro Purple jacket
    Black pants
    Any tight fitting gymnastic clothing (leotard etc) Individually designed leotard
    Trampoline Purple jacket
    Black pants
    Any tight fitting gymnastic clothing (leotard etc) Velvet leotard
    Boys - v leotard, white longs / black shorts
    Cheerleading TBC Any aerobic clothing
    Tumbling shoes
    DV8 top and skirt / pants
    Kindy N/A Tight fitting clothing N/A
    Recreational & special needs N/A Leotard, short and singlet etc Sleeveless leotard
  • What to bring?
    For each class please bring your training clothes, warm outer wear for to and from the gym, a snack for after and a drink bottle (containing water). Competitive gymnasts should remember to bring hand guards, music etc.

  • What do you do in a class?
    Classes will vary from gymsport to gymsport but the general format is:

  1. Aerobic / running warm-up
  2. Head to toe stretch
  3. Basic technique, conditioning
  4. Skills and apparatus time
  5. Warmdown
  6. Windup, stickers and notes.